Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey, woah, Blogger... Haven't been HERE since September.

Ok so first thing to clear up, Another Anime Convention. I couldn't get that wig in time. So I had to buy a cheap Wal-Mart halloween wig -.- Word to the wise, buy yourself a costume wig online LONG BEFORE THE EVENT IT'S FOR. Yea, cheap Halloween wigs suck. But it was a fun con none the less.

I believe that's all you were informed about, so that's all the recapping I have to do.. Well.. except for the stuff that happened between then and now OTHER than the con.

I actually went to ANOTHER convention, hosted by New England Fan Experience called Anime Kaiju Experience on November 22. It was alot better than AAC. Two reasons. 1.) One of my best friends was able to go with me :3 (my other best friend, sadly, could not attend do to punishment issues xD) and 2.) There were special guests :O Vic Mignogna and Johnny Yong Bosch (Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach) attended. Vic is well known for doing the English dub for Edward Elric of FMA, Kurz Weber of Full Metal Panic, Tamaki Suoh of Ouran High School Host Club, Dark Mousy of D.N. Angel, Broly of Dragon Ball Z, and Ikkaku Madarame of Bleach, to name a few. I got to meet him and he signed his Christmas CD for me :D Me and my friend also got a picture with him. I'm uploading video from his panel on my YouTube channel.

On the topic of anime conventions, I think it would be smart if I started preparing in some way for Anime Boston 2009, in which I do plan on attending. I wanna be one of the people who makes their cosplay,not someone who just buys it online. Except I'll buy the unstyled wig from Ebay (and very early on too) I'm not sure who I wanna be yet, but I'll consult my favorite anime list for help :3

I'll post the list here so maybe I'll get some help picking which character to cosplay. Just so you know - and should know - is that I don't mind crossplaying.

1.) Soul Eater (Maka, Soul Eater, or Chrona)
2.) Chrono Crusade (Rosette or Azmaria)
3.) Ouran High School Host Club (Eh, I wouldn't really want to cosplay this anime, sowwies xD)
4.) Rozen Maiden (Shinku, Suginto, Suiseiseki, Hinaichigo, doesn't really matter to me)
5.) Sukisyo (Not very intersting cosplay for this show...)
6.) Death Note (L, most likely, maybe Matt)
7.) Fullmetal Alchemist (Ed, movie!Ed, movie!Al, Winry, I don't know..)
8.) Pita-ten (Um, no really interesting cosplay from this show except maybe Misha)
9.) Rurouni Kenshin (No thanks xD)
10.) Lucky Star (Boring cosplay here)

I actually had a hard time writing this, but I would most likely want to cosplay from Soul Eater or Chrono Crusade or Death Note or something. Shows like Lucky Star, Rurouni Kenshin, Sukisyo, Ouran, and Pita-ten don't have good cosplay. Most of them are school like animes that I just listed, so it would just be a school uniform and a wig, how unfun. Rurouni Kenshin, they just don't have interesting cosplay xD

Azmaria or anyone from Rozen Maiden would be fun to cosplay because their outfits are pretty.

Azmaria is the one in the middle of the first pic, and the Rozen Maiden dolls are in the second pic. By the way, the second pic is fanart so it belongs to them (and the Rozen Maiden creators, Peach-Pit) I picked it cause it showed all the outfits nicely. But of course if I go as one of them I'll get pics from the manga and anime.

That's all I can think of for stuff to say for now. And just s you know, this post was mostly written on Friday (Nov. 28) but I didn't finish it til today.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Scratch That!

You know what, I though about it some, and I then I found this AWESOME wig on ebay.

The first picture of L was for comparison, the second one because that's like the most kawaii pic of him EVAR!!! Maybe.. Lol (It's obvious it was taken on a tv screen cause of discoloration and the slanted black bar)

But I also gotta ask my friend (he was mentioned before in a post about the convention) who the other people in the group are cosplaying as, cause I askeda while back but I though I remembered him saying something about L but I don't remember. But it might have been when I asked him who he might cosplay as. If that's the case then I think I recall warning him of fangirls... (yaoi fangirls in particular)

Anyway, this post means that if neither my friend or the rest of our con group aren't going as L, I probably will. :) And if my friend doesn't mind, I might ask him to be my pawn, and I'll chain him to me like in a majority of the episodes with Light and L working togethor.

I just thought that would be pretty cool :D


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Am I insane for...

Even thinking of cutting off almost all my hair (which happens to be about 51 cm long so go check a ruler lol)? And more importantly just for coslaying..?

Ok so I've been wanting to watch Death Note (an awesome anime) more thoroughly so I've watched the whole first season and have become unhealthily obsessed with L. And so naturally I'm like, "Why don't I cosplay as him?" I mean really he's so kawaii/hot

In fact, he's so kawaii/hot, he deserves a montarage of piccies (pictures)

Behold, the hottness that is... L!

Ok so anyway, that ^ is why I might cosplay as him. Sure I could use a wig, but anime wigs are so EWW I mean they aren't even close to real looking hair. Way too shiny. That's why I'm considering cutting most of my hair of and dying it (temporarily?) and adding gel to make it match L's. And I'm such a big fan I'd keep it gelled like that -^-^-

But I'm not sure cause my hair is incredibly mean and frizzes and is really think so if it was short it might look worse than it already does. But if it was shorter it might be easier to manage and might not look bad. Here's what my hair looks like when not straightened (keep in mind I don't get much time to straighten my hair and it takes extra long cause my straightener sucks) Just ignore me...

Unstraightened Straightened

Now that I look at my face.. I'd both mock L by cosplaying as him and I'd look terrible so I probably won't, problem solved ^-~ That's all I have time to say now :P


Saturday, September 6, 2008


Yo! So I haven't updated my blog in a while... Almost a month...

So here I am! So as probubly none of you know... I'm going to AAC this year! Yay for me! AAC stands for Another Anime Convention by the way ;-) It will, believe it or not, be my first AMC (anime and manga convention) and I am psyched. I will definately be needing to buy a t-shirt to show off and wear every freaking day of school. Haha... just kidding... Yea so that's some cool news right there, goin' to AAC with my bud and the rest of his group ^-^

Yea so branching off from the AMC, I'm thinking of attempting to knit fingerless gloves but it depends if I can find a pattern that's easy enough for me to follow. (^-^') <-- Ameteur knitter . Yea I haven't even finished my stupid scarf I started like 2 years ago hahaha. But yea I'm attempting something like this only replacing the light grey with lime green =3. I'm also going to attemt sewing a matching anime style kitty hat to go with it. I'm thinking fleece. Who knows if I use those colors though, they'd match of course...

Also branching from AMC is COSPLAYING!!!!(dressing up as anime/manga character) To do or not to do.... Well most of before said group is cosplaying I believe so I'd feel left out ;'( But the character I was considering... well her outfit wouldn't exactly look good on me. And that character would be Winry from FMA. See cosplay outfit here. Note the lack of stomach coverage =/ Yea so I've come up with a list of things to accomplish before Oct. 17.

1.) Loose some damn weight >,<>

2.) Have my eczema clear up. Ok people it's just dry skin and it's not freakin' contatious!!! Dx<>

3.) Actually get the cosplay xD Yup, haven't bought it yet. But my mom is being cheap and saying stupid things like, I'm not gonna buy something that costs alot of money for BLAH BLAH BLAH! Yea well I'm good at convincing, cause I'm a spoiled little brat hahaha. I also have an extra part of the cosplay I think would be SOO cool so I'll tell you about them further down, but no skipping!

4.) Buy a better hair straightener and get my hair like fixed (get split ends trimmed and such) Cause Winry has long hair I won't be cutting my hair shorter like I've planned just yet. Or layered or angled yet either, because that's not what Winry's hair looks like xP Also I'm thinking of not using a wig for the cosplay... I'm thinking of seriously like temprarily dying my hair blond (rofl!!!) And the funniest part is *wince* I probubly won't get the color out for the day after the con, which happens to be Monday, which happens to be school xD So lots of questions and explaining will happen that day xP

And that's the list.
Ok since I'm feeling evil, like making you wait, I'll talk until the cool stuff! So yea, I was GOING to post the schedule for school like the day after I got it which was a while ago.. but I had lost it and had to get a new one, my excuse for not posting that one..? I'm lazy xD
So here's this years school schedule.
A- Art (qtr 1) w/ Mr. S
B- Geography w/ Ms. L
C- Music / PE Music w/ Mr. Sz PE w/ Mrs. M
D- Math w/ Mrs. T
E- Lunch :D
F- Math (conti.) w/ Mrs. T
GH- Language Arts w/ Mrs. F and once a week Mrs. A
I- Spanish w/ SeƱora H
J- Science w/ Mrs. P

My favorite class so far is Art and Geography cause we get to do the WORLD FAIR!!! HURRICANES PWN EVERY OTHER TEAM CAUSE OF THIS XD!!!!! Yea but amazingly, when Ms. L (will use first letter of teachers last name for future use on blog) told the class (even though we knew hurricanes did world fair) they were all like "Ugggghhh" and I'm like "WTF IS WITH YOU GUYS!!!??? WORLD FAIR!!!!! WOOT!" Cause I've been planning a project on Japan since like 4th grade xD And I've been learning Japanese but kinda failing heheh. I can say only simple things. And also things I say as jokes like "Watashiwa geno" meaning "I'm gay" and another thing (forget spelling) that means "I take marijuana occasionally" which is a joke!!!!! I don't!!! DO NOT CALL THE COPS ON ME SAYING I'M UNDER THE INFLUENCE BECAUSE IT'S A JOKE, THE FILL IN THE BLANK TOTALLY SET ME UP FOR THAT I SWEAR!!!!!!!!;'(

Ok I guess I can tell you about the awesomeness now...

GEO LENS!!!!! Color contact lenses that make your eyes appear bigger and wateryer just like anime! It has a wider color ring thing I belive that makes your eye appear wider ^-^


Same perosn, note the mark below nose ^-^

They also have ones with designs on them and even really inked ones that look like the sharingan eye in Naruto for instance. Really cool.
Stars... And....

Sharingan Eye xP
And now for a bunch of pics from here, the site to buy them from.

Awesome huh? Yea I'm thinking the Nudy Blue would be good for Winry... or maybe I'll wear it for fun ^-^
Anyway my mum's getting angry I'm not off and haven't done homework yet so if I have more stuff to say I might post tomorrow but I will probubly put off posting for a while cause I'm lazy xD
Btw, the yawn was a lie, my eyes only burn slightly...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yay for Optimism

Ok so I get IMs from someone alot that's basically just flaming me for stupid reasons. One person in particular has constantly called me emo and gay and such. Which makes her seem really stupid, no? I laugh when I read those IMs, really! They actually make my day. See what I've been doing is replying to them with optimism. I realize they might not believe that they're feeble attempts of upseting me *gasp* actually didn't work. Which is why I find them funny. I got one from someone different today. I guess people just love making me laugh heehee :)

Anyhow the other person always "assaulted" me in person until they got my screenname. But the new person didn't really do that, she insulted everyone haha. Except she aways said "Just kidding, just kidding" all serious like, liek she didn't want them mad. I remember some people pretended to be angry just to see what she'd do. Ha. Yea anyway... I was thinking, you know, she'd NEVER say that in real life, seriously. Just proves that thing people say, you know those anti-bullying things they show in elementary school and stuff? That people bully on the internet more than face-to-face.

Anywho, I took a screenshot of the IM conversation just to show you how I handle it, haha. Link below. And true to my word at the very start of blog, like the first post I think, I covered up my attackers screenname. But I didn't cover mine cause I was lazy heheh, but I don't care if you IM me just don't spam or flame (cause I won't care and won't fuel the flame)

Clicky clicky for the picture :P

Yea she said some random things. Ok so I was updating my status message like five seconds ago and got the words I needed to describe these attempts. Immature. Ok one word but still, let me explain.

It's immature because they don't have proof or a reason to back up the barely worded jabs at me and my personality. Like the first girl I was talking about, she calls me emo but really, what is emo? Emo is a style of music, being abreviated from emotion or emotional. But all music should be emotional, if it's not, it er.. well it sucks haha. But it mostly means very depressed lyrics, singing about the sadness of one's life or an event that happened or a mistake they made that made them emotionaly unstable. It doesn't always have to be slow to be classified as the "emo" genre, it's the lyrics that matter.

Now, I haven't had the time to look up the lyrics for The Fall of Troy's F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. but if what my brother says is true, it's a song of the emo genre.

It's kinda stupid to fling around words what knowing what they mean :P But there is a slang word for it, which USED to be a style of clothing. But it's having a fringe covering your eye, wearing a dark shirt of some sort (band tees too) and jeans. And I don't know if the pictures I see online and stuff that have that "emo" look to them are like people trying to be "emo" or if they really are "emo"

Now I think some people fake it to get attention but other people are actually depressed or very emotional, and people go and lable them, shun them, and make fun of them. Yea that's sure to boost their self consciousnes. Way to go society! Woo!

Can you sense my sarcasm? -.-

Now I won't go on a rant about why society often sucks and is also destroying our planet, because this was an entry on optimism and flaming, not my eco-crazed persona.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Lots of News XP

Ok I went to bed at 6:30am and woke up about an hour ago, it took me a while to type up my dream that was incredibly weird, read at your own risk...

It started off like this:
I was a female version of the series Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. And now that I think about it I was just with random people, either that or the dream is fading from memory already D: Anyway, we were walking and- Oh my god I remember something! We kept getting transported into somewhat old and in my opinion stupid animes (some anyway). It actually started here and it was like it was in the middle of a movie. Ok so I was in the middle of like a battle ground thing and there were semi-huge robot things everywhere (Either Transformers or some other show where people piloted them, I can't remember the name, or if they're the same things, I never really watched it much.) Anyway, I think I was currently battling the main person from the Beyblade show or whatever (can't remember his name either XD) And for some reason squad 7 from Naruto was there on the sidelines cheering me on XD Yea I know Sasuke sorta leaves (or if he dies but I haven't seen many episodes)but I'm reading and watching the manga and anime in order from beginning in order to see everything that happens, so it's the early Sasuke XD Anyway I think he called me an idiot for whatever tactic (I don't know what my tactic was, I think it was my mad ninja skillz XD) I was trying to use against it, and you know how the show Beyblades works with the spirit like thing in each blade, well they also grew like 50x their size like Shipou from InuYasha's top does XP (Ha change of pace from XD) Yea but then the guys whose beyblade it was was trying to keep it from going under the rope that lead to (OMG I JUST REMEMBERED THE FIRST HALF OF MY DREAM I'LL TYPE IT RIGHT AFTER THIS XO) the rocky ocean below >:3 (Ok so it wasn't as big as Shipou's gets but whatever) Then me and the random people left the battle thing and walked along the rope fence thingy, when coming out from under a random bridge thingy (more like random arc thingy) was the movie Edward Elric and the movie Alphonse Elric (=O) Anyway I think he busted up his automail (good thing he's on the other side of the gate so he can't feel the wrath of Winry and her wrench) cause he was limping and his right arm was limp (I think he lost his automail in general) and Alphonse was helping him walk.(Let me explain something for this next part, I've got a toy rubber lobster I bought in Maine and he randomly shows up here... except the size of a real lobster) So one of the random people throws MY lobster down into the shallow rocky water, and says “First one to get it wins.” I don't know why honestly... Anyway I think Ed (not me, I'm still referred to as either Amy or me XP) was drawing a transmutation circle with his left hand XP when I just jumped onto the rocks and got to the lobster, grabbed it, and started climbing back up when I tipped a huge rock and a REAL lobster was under it (cept it was green... O.o) I tried to ignore it and keep climbing but it hooked itself onto my elbow, and I still tried to ignore it but then it's claw fell off... so I'm like, ok just a claw is fine, so I shrug and keep going. But then! We all get tied up in ropes (around our waist) and the robes were attached to floating (BEWARE: Keep reading at your own risk because from here on it gets incredibly: random, queer, weird, bizzare, and insane) coffins with really weird looking corpses inside. (didn't see that one coming did ya!) Anyway they were chasing us and we kept running and we got to a weird graveyard circle with weird purple circle lights on the ground and it forced everyone into them, when we got through I looked around and saw the random people, Ed, and Al hanging on posts, dead (awww) so I got creeped out and ran along the path til I arrived at (guess where!guess where!guess where!guess where!guess where!) Hoggwarts! (didn't see that coming did you??) Anyway I decided I'd follow everyone in and just try and blend (besides the fact I wasn't wearing a robe) I did blend actually, strange enough. And so I ended up chatting with a Slytherin (now you know it's a dream, yuck, Slytherin) Well he was nice enough and I think he might be like 2nd year or something. So he's like “I wonder what the Slytherins are up to?” And I'm thinking 'Oh snap, does he think I'm a Slytherin??' So I almost followed in but then left. So I went in search for Dumbledor's office and somehow Harry started helping me (yeah Potter, and I don't know where he started helping me) and we got to the office and then... I woke up! And then I realized that “Hogwarts” was set up exactly like MY school XD (Yup, I didn't realize that unil I woke up.

Ok now for the first half- actually I'm not gonna say it cause it's so blurry in my mind XP

In other news, I finished my AP English homework the day it was due, I finished reading the book the day before, and finished up some of the papers for it the day it WAS due. The book was "Night" by Elie Wiesel. It was ok I guess, though I'm not much of a history kind of person. It's about the Jewish, the concentration camps, and World War II. Mostly about the concentration camps though cause Elie, the auther was there. It was sad and well written, but it's hard to really grab your interest if you're like me, focusing on the future and present more than history. Anyway so the poor 15 year old kid has his whole family killed and is left alone. I give it a 4/5 stars cause it's good but not too attention holding.

And in more special news, I finished another picture a couple weeks back. I named her KiKi and once again, it was done 100% on the computer, using the free program paint.NET which you can get at

I made her for a friend who wanted me to draw something without copying it from a book. No, I don't trace, I just do this thing where I trace with my eyes, and then I mimic the movements at the same time with my drawing hand :P Clever trick, no? Well I like "Kiki" more then "Loki" cause her hat looks a little better and it falls more realisticly. Also her pose is better :P But I didn't wanna bother with the hands this time so her pose is kinda uncomfortable, I tried, but her feet look kinda cat like cause of the toes ^-^' So maybe it is possible.. for her, you know. I like her hair too :D

Ok I've been thinking about it, and I think I need a desk in my room also. Like a slanted one, for me to do my drawing on. I can't keep drawing on the couch and floor all the time, I need a workspace. Cause I think if I remove my little cabinet, I can put my desk there, up against the corner and have shelves put up or something to put my art supplies, cause right now my art supplies live in my closet ^-^' But don't worry, they live on and under a nice shelf for now heheh.

Finally, a couple weeks ago I wrote a nice haiku while falling asleep. Here it is :P :

The rustling leaves

The calming lavender scent

A late summers night

Any good? By the way, the lavender wasn't from my window :P I have a lavender poupori (sp?)thingy in my pillow ;-)

Sorry this entry was so long!


PS I didn't wake up this late, I woke up at around 3:30pm but my internet has been messed up today so I had to draft it and when I got my internet back I had to go to the library to hand in my stuff for a library summer reading program. Then I had to read the manga I got from the other library xD

Listening to: American Boy by Estelle (feat. Kanye West)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pandemic 2

I guess I had a certain dream last night cause of an awesome game, Pandemic 2. It was weird, but when I woke up I wanted to go back in it :(

Dream: Ok so I woke up in te dream, and my really good internet friend (some reason at my house, which wasn't even my house at all, maybe it was hers) told me I had been asleep for a long time (coma). I had gone onto the computer and it was like Vista, but newer, aim looked totally different too, and wondered how long I was in said coma. I asked my friend how long I was in a coma but no one gave me a straight answer. I also soon found out that my other really good internet friend... had died. Surely it couldn't have been of age, because my internet friend whom I was with, wasn't that old. And he had written a letter for me but it wasn't finished (sniff). I also found out my ex-bst friend had died of a brain sickness or something, and that was why she had acted different (i.e. didn't listen t me, abandon me, etc.). (haha). Everything was soo much different looking, and I figred out how to use aim and asked people how long I had been in a coma. Still no answer. Later in the dream, my internet friend (whom I was with) died, and for unknown reasons, I remember ugging my mom O.o Anyway, the dream ended about there.

So when I woke up, after I had told said dream to my brother who had been coming back upstair from gettig a drink, I pieced togethor that everyone had been dying of a sickness, and maybe the dream was supposd to be like the victims in Pandemic 2.

Now for the game: Pandemic 2

I would have embeded it but this game doesn't have that option.

I like virus and bacteria best and just so you know, Madagascar is incredibly hard to infect if you don't start on it because it only has a shipyard. If you start on Madagascar, you have to find out which places it trades with. You have to do that anyway actually, so watch the ships as you wait for your evolution points to rack up.

I was gonna do a mini guide when I posted the game, but my dad's laptop is uncomfortable and I wanna finish as soon as possible.

Where was I...

Oh well,